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A brief introduction...

With a background in B2B and B2C, I have a track record of delivering superior product propositions and implementing effective marketing strategies leading to increased revenue, brand awareness and customer buy-in. A passionate communicator that can motivate and influence decision makers at all levels. I have a track record in managing a range of high profile, high value and complex projects that have contributed to increased profitability year on year. I am a leader with integrity, passion and the drive to succeed by involving all levels of the team to ensure an integrated and cohesive approach to achieve business goals.
Here is an overview of my competencies;

  • Brand management
  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate communication
  • Stakeholder management
  • Market identification
  • Project management
  • Strategy & planning
  • CRM optimisation
  • Advertisement generation
  • Campaign implementation
  • Event design
  • Event management
Christian Howe
  • Online presence
  • Social media channels
  • Email marketing
  • Content generation
  • Presentations
  • Stock photography
  • Team management
  • Budget management
  • Commercial awareness
  • Change management
  • Brand manifestation
  • Salesforce
  • Kentico & Joomla
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • In-Design & Acrobat
  • Dreamweaver & Flash
  • Word & Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • MailChimp
  • iBooks Author
  • PC & Mac Literate

The Resume

Current Role…

eMarketing Manager | Curtiss-Wright Industrial Division | ’02 -

Curtiss-Wright Industial Division

Management of the marketing functions for the Industrial Group with a wider responsibility for the division’s online presence. Delivery of the communication strategy, marketing plans, publication initiatives, brand awareness and competitor analysis. With a directive to build and maintain a wide range of marketing material, design and grow the company’s online presence, lead generation, customer retention and stakeholder management.
Reports - 2

Market Strategy & Planning:
* Market analysis and strategy development based on business goals and clear metrics.
* Translation of complex technical concepts and capabilities into clear market propositions.
* Delivery of go-to-market initiatives across a broad spectrum of channels.
* Brand representative on behalf of the division on corporate branding council.
* Relationship management with external contractors and internal stakeholders.
Delivery: Management of the year on year marketing plan to ensure KPI’s are in line with business needs and to agreed $1,000,000 budget.

Branding & Communication:
* Implementation of corporate branding initiatives.
* Manage communication mechanisms and channels, internally and externally, to re-inforce the corporate brand, image and vision.
* Ensure branding guidelines are adhered to.
Situation: A re-alignment of the go-to-market offering at corporate level, placing our product brands into a new division and group based structure.
Solution: Carried out a complete review of all material through our 36 facilities, built a manageable strategy for change and customer re-education.
Result: Customer engagement swing of over 60% away from old brand names in less than 12 months.

Digital Marketing Material:
* Website management over multiple sites and platforms.
* Social media account management, content creation and analysis.
* Email campaign generation and management.
Online analytics and SEO management.
Situation: A historic range of 20 websites with incorrect branding, in different formats, languages and platforms.
Solution: After a full review, managed a ground–up redevelopment the brands together to form a single division.
Result: Sites now delivering over 50,000 unique visits per month with an increase of 30% online lead generation. Additionally a saving of $30,000 per year against hosting, domain and support contracts has been achieved.

Print Material:
* Advert design and campaign management.
* Management of all printed product information.
* Management and delivery of all branded goods to distributors and sales teams globally in line with new corporate initiatives.
* Generation and maintenance of complex technical manuals, help text suits, programming software support.
* Design and management of the high value bid proposals.
Situation: Develop a strategy for delivering more product information in a simpler digital medium.
Solution: The iBook delivers the entire product range directly to the customer in a clear and easy-to-use format, simple platform updates and a mixture of contact possibilities all at the user’s fingertips.
Result: Cost saving of over $50,000 per year in printed material.

* Guide stand design and layouts, generate large format print graphics to support company aims and promotions for exhibitions.
* Generation of PowerPoint presentations for exhibition at all levels.
* Deliver events to a high quality.
Situation: Maintain a global presence, look and feel, whilst rationalizing costs.
Solution: Developed a common look, instructed a single supplier and initiated a uniform method of communication with the sales team and lead capture.
Result: 40% reduction in exhibition costs, 20% in lead capture.

Product Development:
* Guide design and user experience functionality for new products to meet strategic goals.
* Generate GUI graphics and specifications to support software engineers.
* Deliver the value proposition for go-to-market strategy.
Situation:Development of a new high value controller, containing a larger LCD screen.
Solution: Collaboration between departments to design, specify and create a completely fresh suit of graphics generating a more user friendly environment whilst delivering a high level of information.
Result: Increased LTV for the product line of around $100 million.

Design Work:
* Generation and management of overall company design specifications, website, online media points, brochures, adverts, events, products, GUI’s.

Photography and Illustration:
* Management and selection of photographic stock, including purchases and licenses.
* Generation of graphics and illustrations to support a wide range of company requirements.

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University of Falmouth

Digital Marketing Institute > >

Professional Diploma in Digital Strategy & Planning

University of Falmouth > >

National Diploma in illustration.

Rushmoor Boarding School > >

9 GCSE’s B/C Grade.

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I’m over 40, married with two cracking children. When I’m not at work I have a few things I enjoy; sailing, property development and coaching rugby.
I have coached mini’s rugby (ages 7 – 12) for 4 years at our local club, and undertaken the role of Chair for the Mini’s Academy.
Witnessing the children’s development, both individually and as a team, via a sport they are passionate about, drives me forward and gives me great satisfaction.
I also like good wine and excellent food… but then, who doesn’t?

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